Discipline Through Traning,
Self-Control Through Thinking.

What is Check Hook?

Chess and Community partnered with boxing trainer Ismeal Cuthbertson and Barnette Taekwondo Academy to bring Check Hook.  


Check Hook is a youth boxing program that uses discipline, control, and critical thinking to teach young people how to make quality decisions in moments of duress.   The program uses de-escalation techniques by merging boxing and chess to help youth take better control of their physical and mental coordination process.


This program is designed for youth who struggle with anger management, destructive decision-making habits, have problems concentrating and working in a team setting. Check Hook encourages teamwork, self-calming techniques, and social skill for participants.  Students will learn the foundation of chess and critical techniques needed for self-defense.  

Boxing & Chess

Discipline Classes 

Ages 10 - 17

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