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Empowering Kids with AI: How Insightface and Chess & Community Collaborate on Better Mental Health

Reimagining What's Possible

Chess and Community continues to empower our youth and ensure they excel in this age of advanced technology by utilizing the incredible applications created to strengthen our children's outlook on themselves and their feeling of value. We see a tremendous boost in self-esteem when they witness themselves projected into images of prominence, strength, and success. We are excited to announce the next Chess & Community Empowerment pilot program in collaboration with Insightface and Dream Engine, titled: Re-Imagine!

The Re-Imagine pilot for kids is the next phase of utilizing AI text-to-image along with some incredible wizardry developed by Insightface. This powerful collaboration allows us to project our kid’s likenesses onto the images they created! In our first pilot, children created their avatars along with inspiring and creative stories they orated at the unveiling. In this next pilot, the new images they create will feature them, and we will teach them how to research the culture of their choosing utilizing Chat GPT. The kids will also learn how to prompt AI to explore it in a responsible and effective way.

There are simply no limits to what we can do to allow our children to visualize the truth about who they are and the positive impact they can make on the future.

Here are some incredible examples of what we are doing!





We give special thanks to Jia Guo and the Insightface team for this exclusive opportunity to showcase how the new A.I. revolution can be constructively utilized to improve mental health, creativity, and positive self-imagery in children. Lets go! 🔥

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